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Refurbishments & Modernisation

Installing a new lift can be a budget busting expensive. As well as the purchase price, you also need to consider the cost involved if you have to change the shape of the shaft which could include architects', builders' and electricians' bills. The new lift will have to conform to the latest lift regulations and may require building regulation approval.

So why do companies tend to recommend replacing older lifts rather than trying to prolong their working life, Simply because refurbishing a lift requires specialist knowledge and skills that are largely lost to the trade in this era of mass production.

We will carry out a full survey of the site as to allow us to give a very a selection of different packages to meet all your requirements. Also to make sure that all the equipment in question meets all the safety requirements of lift and lift equipment. We are sure that you will find all our quotes very competitive and you can rest assured that all works will be completed to a very high standard of workmanship making your old lift come to life again.

  • Full or Part Refurbishments / Modernisations
  • DDA Solutions
  • Upgrading / Enhancements

DDA Requirements

Does your lift comply to all current DDA regulations? Talk to one of our specialists to find out today!

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